I could not imagine going anywhere else. I thank God for sending Dr. B my way
Darien M • March 10, 2024

Very personal professional and cares about what’s happening with your treatment
Lawrence K • March 09, 2024

The people are so nice and the doctor she so adorable, I recommend this place 100%
Alexis N • March 02, 2024

I recommend Miss. Becker to anyone out there she’s a great doctor and a great lady. Your number one
Luis R • February 27, 2024

Dr. Becker is absolutely amazing!! She is so much more than a doctor, I actually consider her a friend. She is an all around good person, and that’s rare these days, 5 star isn’t enough for dr. Becker.. above and beyond for her patients
Gregory B • February 17, 2024

Professional and a caring doctor.
Lawrence K • February 16, 2024

Dr. Jill Becker has made it easier for me to get off this stuff. She works with you and really cares. I would recommend her to anyone
Colin C • February 14, 2024

Dr J is the best.
David C • February 06, 2024

Dr. Becker and her staff are always pleasant and very professional. I will gladly drive the extra 30 minutes to the new office
William T • February 02, 2024

Dr. Becker is one of the rare doctors that actually care about their patients. I have been a patient of hers for about a year now and I have never once been disappointed with the care she provides. 10/10 would definitely recommend!!
Nathan G. • January 31, 2024

Dr Becker is a very special doctor . She always surrounds her office with very caring and understanding members !
Evol B. • January 30, 2024

Apex Medical is very warm and welcoming. Dr. Becker is always pleasant and upbeat. She is very easy to talk to and treats everyone with dignity and respect.
Bria R • January 28, 2024

Jill is very warm & welcoming and down to earth. She knows what she is talking about, and very easy to talk to. I like her alot. Would highly recommend to anyone!
Susan P • January 27, 2024

She is awesome
Philip C • January 24, 2024

I aim thankful to have Miss Baker as my doctor she’s a wonderful lady. And care for her patience she worries about my help and give me some advices. So for that thank you Miss Baker Thank you
Luis R • January 24, 2024

Shes the best
James V • January 21, 2024

Extremely helpful and caring. Helping me make the right decisions.
Colin C • January 21, 2024

Jill is one of the best drs I have had
Dana R. • January 19, 2024

Dr Becker is probably one of the most kindest, empathetic and caring doctors I know. She has a way of making you feel like you matter and she cares deeply about you as a person and patient.
Ashley C • January 18, 2024

Jill is very personable & kind. Very easy to talk to. She cares about her patients!
Susan P. • January 18, 2024

Dr. Becker is better than great, she is exceptional, stellar, just absolutely amazing! Being able to see her via telehealth has also made mom life so much easier than having to go to the office with all of my kids. She means the world to me as a person as well. She has been there through many traumas I have endured with a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen. She’s the absolute best doctor I have ever had and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! You’re in wonderful, caring hands with Jill! She is one of my favorite people!! I love her dearly and I can’t say that about any of my other doctors. She actually cares about not only myself, but my family and I just cannot thank her enough for being there for me throughout the years. Thank goodness she came to Anchor Medical and I met her. I switched offices when she left because I just can not be without her! Thank you Dr.Becker for being amazing!
Lindsey B. • January 17, 2024

The personal care Dr. Becker provides is nothing but top notch. If for any reason you are in distress she is there for you. I highly recommend Apex.
Scott M. • November 15, 2023

Jill is an amazing doctor and provides excellent patient care! Front desk staff is also caring and sweet.
Emily L. • September 25, 2023

Dr. Becker is exceptionally skilled and caring
Francis H. • August 31, 2023

Absolutely great patient service right from the start. Ideal place for one-on-one treatment rather than a big box office. You aren’t just a number at this place! flexible and professional setting! Highly recommended.
Gary L. • July 29, 2023