Opioid Use Disorder is an epidemic that does not discriminate. Hundreds of thousands of people die annually due to this disease. Many more have lost a loved one to this epidemic. Visit Jill Becker, MD, at Apex Medical Wellness in Brockton and Marlborough, MA, if you’re ready to address Opioid Use Disorder and regain your health and happiness. Dr. Becker uses medication for addiction treatment (MAT) to help people recover from opioid dependence without waiting hours for appointments. She also offers ongoing support, like life skills workshops. Call Apex Medical Wellness today for an appointment or request an appointment on our website.

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What is Opioid Use Disorder?

Opioid use disorder develops when you come to rely on opioids. You may start taking some substances like heroin to avoid the pain of past trauma or for the pleasurable feelings you experience. You might become dependent on opioid medications your doctor gives you for moderate to severe pain.

The relief of painful memories and the buzz or high you get can, at first, be so intoxicating that you want more. After you have used a substance regularly, your body and brain begin to adapt, so you no longer experience the same level of pleasure.

To try and recapture the early experiences, you take larger doses, use the drug more frequently, and might change how you use the drugs; for example, injecting instead of inhaling or taking a pill. Over time, your system gets so used to the substance that you must keep taking it to avoid feeling sick with withdrawal symptoms and to function.

What problems does Opioid Use Disorder cause?

Opioid Use Disorder causes problems in all areas of life:


Taking any drug or medication to excess can harm your health or cause you to feel unwell. You may lack energy, be unable to sleep, or become overstressed. Opioids can cause you to stop breathing, affect heart function, and contribute to death.


The need to use your chosen drug is so overwhelming that everything else in your life takes second place. You can become irritable, depressed, and anxious. Relationships with everyone around you suffer. In addition, drug use and illegal activities can put the custody of your children at risk.


Buying drugs isn’t cheap. The more you use, the more money you must find to fund your habit, resulting in debt. Your obsession with getting more drugs can drive you to borrow more than you can repay. You might sell treasured possessions, ask family and friends for money, or commit crimes to fund your addiction.

How is Opioid Use Disorder treated?

At Apex Medical Wellness, Dr. Becker uses medication for addiction treatment (MAT) with medications like, Sublocade® and Brixadi® to help people with Opioid Use Disorder. The practice’s small size ensures that you get personalized care, avoiding the “big box” mentality.

Buprenorphine based medications like Subutex®, Vivitrol®, and ZUBSOLV® and their generic equivalents reduce the unpleasant side effects or cravings you experience if you stop using opioids. Life coaching teaches coping skills and strategies to avoid relapses. Patients also benefit from life skills workshops to help them live independently, pursue an education, and/or return to work.

Call Apex Medical Wellness today for an appointment or request an appointment online for expert help with Opioid Use Disorder.